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Majestic North Idaho


There are several area guides designed to lure visitors to our area. Majestic North Idaho magazine’s has become well-known as the activity guide for North Idaho. The Majestic North Idaho magazine has been produced by Savvy Marketing without the support of grant dollars.

Although the Majestic North Idaho magzine and website helps to lure visitors to our area, they are specifically designed as an activity planner. No other service piece for our area fills this niche. Through the alliance with our area’s most important natural resource management agencies, the Forest Service, the BLM, Watchable Wildlife, and Idaho State Fish and Game, we have been promoting North Idaho as an ecotourism destination of choice.

The Majestic North Idaho magazine recognizes the importance of our natural resources both to our communities and to our economic survival. A focus on ecotourism enhances the magazine and websites ability to achieve its goals:
• To encourage people to visit North Idaho by providing specific information for trip planning.
• To encourage people to stay longer in our area by helping them discover activities and places that they might not have discovered otherwise.
• To disperse visitors from the large population centers and into smaller communities.
• To bring people back to our area again and again.

Has the Majestic North Idaho magazine and website achieved these goals? Small communities throughout North Idaho emphatically say “YES!” That’s why the Forest Service, the BLM, and the Idaho Fish and Game use the magazine to promote the area. That’s why they believe the Majestic North Idaho magazine is the perfect vehicle for promoting ecotourism in North Idaho.

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